How to Move from Fear to Faith

Sometimes fear keeps us from enjoying what God has promised. We want so badly to have faith in what the Lord says. But fear of what we see seems more compelling than mere words.

Moving from fear to faith

(Photo: rinderart, via Vivozoom)

Gideon longed to believe God. But the enemy army before him was enormous.

It was almost as large as the fears we face today.

Gideon’s (Lack of) Faith

The Spring of Harod still flows today from the mouth of a cave at the bottom of Mount Gilboa. Throughout the centuries, water from this spring refreshed innumerable travelers throughout the Harod Valley. It was here Gideon learned to trust God (Judges 7:1-25).

Although the Lord promised a great victory, the doubtful judge still requested a sign to prove it. Yet the assurance of God’s promises didn’t negate the circumstances that forced Gideon to have faith. The fleece didn’t cause 135,000 Midianites to disappear.

Fear was still in Gideon, and he still had to have faith for deliverance.

Ein Harod with soldiers drinking

(Photo: Israeli soldiers drinking from Ein Harod, the spring where Gideon’s soldiers drank. Courtesy of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands)

The Lord knew that the Hebrews, though badly outnumbered, would still boast in their victory. So the Lord told Gideon to bring his men down to the spring and separate them on the basis of how they drank. Thinning the ranks again put him in a position that would expose his fear.

Gideon had sought security with the fleece, and though God acquiesced to the request, the Lord immediately countered by putting him in an even more precarious position.

If he struggled to have faith at 4 to 1 odds, how would he react to 450 to 1? He had to face his fear. No other way would do it.

How God Uses Fear to Strengthen our Faith

Some situations today will seem as bleak, hopeless, and full of fear as Gideon’s seemed to him. Circumstances and emotions will demand we doubt what God has clearly promised. But our confidence and faith must remain fixed on what the Lord has said, not in what we see.

To help us understand that, God does several things:

  • He will take us uncomfortable places to free us from fear and to convince us He can do what He said.
  • The Father may ignore our immature pleas for relief and let us squirm.
  • As we face the unavoidable fear, we begin to understand what escape would never have allowed: God does what He says.

We shouldn’t need a sign to confirm what God has already promised. (Tweet that.)

We just need the faith to follow.

Question: Why do you think we ask God for “fleeces” to help us dispel the fear in our hearts? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

One of my favorite authors, Ed Welch, shares why our battle against fear and anxiety is a blessing. He is the author of Running Scared: Fear, Worry & the God of Rest.

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