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Grow Strong

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  • Joyce

    Wayne, Paul and I were with you on the Spring IFL trip along with my brother and sister in law, Dave and Edye Mitchell. I love reading your Facebook postings. Joyce McHugh

    • Wayne Stiles

      Thank you, Joyce! That trip to the Holy Land was really special. Thanks for touching base! God bless.

  • Jacco Pippel

    Deart Wayne, I have been reading your posts via RSS-feeds. I put off the email subscription because I was happpy with the feeds. Now I finally did subscribe and downloaded your Ebook. I just read devotion one on impatience. It came just at the right time and I really liked this devotion. This first devotion was already a great encouragement in my relationship with God. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the devotions.

    • Wayne Stiles

      Thanks, Jacco. I’m glad you took the plunge and got the e-book. Impatience is SUCH a struggle with us, isn’t it? I’m glad the devo encouraged you, and I’m hopeful the others will as well. Thanks again for subscribing! God bless.

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