2 Ways to Find Balance in the Christian Life

Only when we know what to say yes to can we say no to everything else.

One of our greatest challenges is finding balance in the Christian life. Think of a person on a tightrope. There’s never a point where they just stroll across effortlessly. Balance requires continual effort.

2 Ways to Find Balance in the Christian Life

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Have you ever noticed that somehow Jesus balanced it all? The demands of His work and ministry left Him exhausted at times, of course—yet somehow He found time to get it all done.

Jesus perfectly balanced the demands of life—with the same 24 hours we have.

Here’s how.

Jesus Models 2 Ways You Can Find Balance in the Christian Life

The life of Jesus revealed a number practical ways to pursue balance in the Christian life. Everything the Father expected of Jesus He completed. Everything. Look at His words:

I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do. —John 17:4

Jesus’ opportunities were immense. The needs He faced demanded attention. Legitimate needs. Desperate needs. More urgent needs than any of us will ever face. And yet, Jesus walked away from many of them.

1. Look to God, not to Others, to Determine Your Priorities.

Jesus determined His priorities by spending time with the Father. Look carefully:

Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there. Simon and his companions searched for Him; they found Him, and said to Him, “Everyone is looking for You.” He said to them, “Let us go somewhere else to the towns nearby, so that I may preach there also; for that is what I came for.” —Mark 1:35–38

How could Jesus walk away from needs that only He could meet?

  • Because the Father had different priorities for Jesus than simply a healing ministry. The healing balanced the teaching.
  • Even though the people would have preferred Jesus to choose differently, He determined instead to please the Father. Accordingly, Jesus was misunderstood, rejected, even crucified—and yet, He was successful.
where balance begins

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2. Say No, So that You Can Say Yes.

Jesus said no—so that He could say yes to what was most important.  Only by gleaning our priorities from Scripture will we be able to make confident decisions amidst overwhelming demands. We can choose many good things and end up missing the best things—the essential priorities.

Don’t fall for the lie that states that a good Christian should never say no to legitimate needs.

I once heard someone say, “Balance is like a pendulum; it’s that brief moment in the middle when you’re swinging from one extreme to the other.” Part of our pursuit of balance contains the realization that it is never perfectly achieved.

The pursuit of balance is the goal. So don’t be frustrated with the constant effort.

Only when we know what to say yes to can we say no everything else.

Question: What helps you stay balanced? To leave a comment, just click here.

Adapted from Wayne Stiles, “All of Me: Growing as a Whole Person,” Growing Like Jesus: Pursuing Health for the Whole Person (IFL Publishing House, 2009).

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  • Judy

    This really hit home with me today. Since returning home from Israel last June. My life and priorities have changed. The rose colored glasses are gone and I choose to change some things in my life that some people don’t understand why or encourage me in my changes. God is calling still. I want to stay open to the Master’s voice. I can’t do that when I am trying to please people. God is who I need to please. Thanks for the encouragement today! Be Blessed

  • john

    What helps me stay balanced is that I’m alive for one reason and that’s to please Christ

    • That’s a pretty simple mind set, John. And a great one! We live to please only Him.

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  • Sheena

    Will help me stay balanced is waking up in the morning reading the Word of God asking God to help me throughout my day

    • That’s a marvelous plan, Sheena. Thanks much for letting me know about it.

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  • true_blesser

    Jesus’ statement, “…these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone” (Matthew 23:23b), shows balance is continuing the good you are doing and making efforts to supply the missing link.

    • That’s a great insight; thanks! Those words from Christ also give us insight into the importance of priorities in the balance.

  • Jeanelle Sims

    The pursuit of balance is the goal. So don’t be frustrated with the constant effort. It is a constant effort, one I strive for every day. As a new believer I ask the Lord to give my a lifetime verse and it is Proverbs 11:1 “A false balance is a abomination to the Lord, a just weight is his delight”
    I am still trying to work that out.

    • Jeanelle, I admire your words and your life. Thank you for striving to follow Jesus as you do.

  • K Boone

    To be honest I still struggle with balance, especially in my current circumstances. The only thing I’ve been relying on is crying it out, praying, and refocusing before my imbalance gets out of hand. From there I’m given peace again and a hope for new day.

    • That’s a great plan. Thanks for sharing it here.

  • Alison Sinclair Green

    My husband has always helped me with saying no as there always have been too many things I thought I should do. However, he also encourages and helps me with those things I do take on. Your perspective is always something I need for the day, and I often forward your emails to friends who are struggling with the same issues.

    • I’m glad you’re working through the issues, Alison. It’s not easy, so don’t expect it to be. Jesus also had to pull away to keep His priorities straight. You might find some encouragement in His example. Even He said no to many legitimate needs.

  • Melody

    Oh, I’m at a loss! My morning quiet time with God has not been the same since my husband started back to school this fall.He gets up at 4am so is already up when I get up and I can’t focus and pray and worship uninhibitably anymore. I use to really hear God speak to me(not audibally) but He was definately speaking and guiding me. I don’t have that anymore. My house is a MESS!!!! Any time off from work is spent doing for others that really is necessary. The elderly that don’t drive, our second home church that needs so much help because they only have maybe 6-10 other members that either won’t or physically can’t help. Our home church is in a legal battle because a group of 3 married couples left and are suing for their rights to maintain positions of chairman of the board, trustee, secretary, and treasurer. Endless congregational and lawyer meetings on this. Trying to reach out in love while not enabling substance abuse in two of our grown children. Tryingto make time to get the 3 & 5 year old grandaughters on a semi regular basis because they’re the apple of our eyes!!! I haven’t dusted or mopped my floors in I don’t know how long. I’m exhausted. I just do the basic dishes, feed the animals, cook a quick meal after work and I just can’t do anymore. HELP!!! Suggestions??????

    • You have a lot on your shoulders during this season, Melody, and I’m sure it isn’t easy. I would talk it over with your husband and see if he can help be quieter or allow you some time after he gets home in order to connect with the Lord. You may need to simply say no more often– even to legitimate needs– in order to keep first-things first. Read this post about Jesus’ priorities and how even He didn’t try to do it all. Tough assignment, but essential.

  • Olive Wilson

    This is so true and a confirmation to focus on what’s important, even if it means disappointing people by saying no. Thank you!

  • Stephen White

    Yes Wayne, I stuggle every day. But I just have to live in the moment and forgive my past mistakes. Not forget but forgive myself ,because Jesus has already died for our sins.

    I just beat myself up over the past and I must move forward.

    And I agree with the last comment from Allison about how helpful and thought provoking your emails help me with my daily struggles and priorities.

    Thank you,

    • Stephen, we’re all in this together. Our past and present sins are a testimony to God’s grace and a motivation to learn from our mistakes.