3 Promises of God to Help Your Fear of Change

Would you be willing to follow God if you knew you couldn't fail?

Let me guess. You sit in the same spot in church each week. You drive the same route to work. You eat the same things for breakfast. And you pray the same way at meals. Right? Me too.

3 Promises of God to Help Your Fear of Change

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As creatures of habit, we like the efficiency and security of rituals. But when our routine gets changed by someone or something, we get miffed. Here’s why: 

  • The only change we welcome is the change we expect. Like the seasons. We plan for it and can adjust accordingly.
  • We also like the change we initiate, like a new job or even a dry diaper, because it gets us what we want.

God, however, has a different view. We have a fear of change, but He has a strange commitment to it.

Where Change Begins—and Why

Although God is willing to accept us as we are, He also loves us enough not to leave us that way.

God’s commitment to your change begins with His strange love for you. The big theological word called “sanctification” is the Bible’s way of saying God will initiate change in your life. Having believed in Jesus Christ, believers are being transformed into His likeness (2 Corinthians 3:18). That means change.

Because God knows our fear of change might keep us from becoming like Him, He offers us comfort and assurance.

3 Promises: God Relieves Our Fear of Change

You struggling with a change God has initiated? You are not alone.

When the Lord told Jacob to change locations and move to Egypt, the old patriarch had already lived a long time in Canaan. Look at what God told him:

I am God, the God of your father; do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for I will make you a great nation there. I will go down with you to Egypt. —Genesis 46:3–4

God Relieves Our Fear of Change

(Photo: By de:Benutzer:Felix Stember. Own work. GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

God alleviated Jacob’s fear of change with 3 promises.

  1. “I am God.” Sounds simple, but how often we forget it. He is God; we are not. He is in control; we are not. That’s why He can say: “do not be afraid to go.” When God initiates change in your life, especially when it seems frightening or disappointing, remembering that God is God can help put your fear of change at ease.
  2. “I will make you a great nation there.” Notice God said, “there”—not “here.” You must be willing to follow God where He leads, because where He wants to take you is where He wants to bless you. It’s there, not here.
  3. “I will go down with you.” God gave Jacob no details or specifics, and neither does He give them to you. But you have the promise of God’s presence where He leads you. God goes with you when He requires you to change. In fact, the last words Jesus spoke before His ascension were: “I will be with you always.” You are not alone.

Is a fear of change keeping you from following God’s leading? I understand; we all struggle against that. But you will never become all God intends you to be otherwise.

The 3 promises God told Jacob are those He tells you today: “I am God . . . I will make you great there. I will go with you.”

Question: Would you be willing to follow God if you knew you couldn’t fail? To leave a comment, just click here.

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  • Delphine Reed

    This reminds me of a phrase I posted on Facebook yesterday to encourage others. I kept hearing this in my spirit: “God IS…God CAN…God WILL!” Your article bears witness to that for me, Wayne. I am confident in His leading, and look forward to His blessings when I get THERE.

    • Amen, Delphine. I love the way you said that. Thanks.


    If I had 100% certainty that I would be accompanied by God in all my journeys…I’d definitely go along….but as it is….sometimes such a step of faith is quite hard because we can’t see everything…I know that’s a shortcoming of mine.
    There is lots I do not understand….LOTS.
    Like, for instance….if I gave all my heart to God, what space would there be for anyone else?
    And a lot more…

    • The irony is, the more of your heart you give to God, the more you have to share. Thanks.

  • Yifit Batya

    Timely and encouraging read! One of the great things that God is showing me is that the whole picture belongs to Him! I’m pretty sure that Wayne wasn’t thinking about the exact ways that the Lord would use the things that had been placed in his heart when he wrote this blog but God deals with the details, the people that he will direct to it and the timing of it in each individual life that is touched. Maybe , we need to simply obey the small steps one day at a time. One moment at a time and leave the rest up to God… I am forever amazed by the fact that the Lord goes ahead of us always and we simply follow his lead..This post today dropped right on time and is yet another brick in the wall of faith that is helping me to keep listening for His voice and trusting in His ability to provide all that is needed to do and to be all that He has purposed for us ahead of time.
    Thanks Wayne for your obedience. 🙂

    • Thanks, Yifit. Yes, God’s Word is both timeless and timely.