Answers to Your Questions and 2 Questions for You

Last week I took a survey of my blog readers about a brand new project I’m releasing soon. As I mentioned, the project will offer virtual tours of the Holy Land with an emphasis on the devotional benefits of such a journey.

Early morning at the Holy Sepulcher

(Photo: Early morning at the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem)

Many of you helped me out and participated. Thank you! I’d like to follow up by answering some questions you asked.

Plus—I still need your help with two questions, please. 

Answers to Your Questions

What motivated you to come up with a beautiful project like this one you’re about to launch? What are your goals?

I have experienced such joy and help with the Bible through the Bible lands that I wanted to make it accessible to as many people as possible. The target audience is those who cannot go to Israel or those who want to experience it again virtually.

For years, I’ve only shared about through writing and pictures. I’m not moving away from the written word. I still plan to write my blog and (hopefully) more books, but I’m adding video to my online ministry.

When are you finishing the project? 

The initial launch will be in April just before Easter, but the project will be ongoing for years—I hope.

When are you going again to Israel? 

I’m about to announce the dates for the fall and spring tours to those who have signed up to hear about it first. If you’re interested in being on that list, you can sign up here. You get first shot to grab your seat on the tour and you also get an early bird discount. I’ll send out the announcement this weekend.

Are you thinking virtual reality that requires special 3D equipment?

No, it’s not a virtual reality tour. It’s simply a virtual tour through video—in that I’ll help you experience it as best I can without actually being there. Video and some Web tools will be what we’ll use.

Could one go back and re-listen or replay the tours multiple times?


Would it be something sent via my email similar to your devotions?

Yes, if you sign up you’ll receive an email each time it comes out.

I would like to use this in a small group home setting. What would the length of each project be? 

Each video will be about 10 minutes. I’ll release several a month—hopefully.

What would something like this cost? 

Still working on the cost, but for those who join as charter members it will be dirt cheap. Plus charter members will get some other surprises I’m working on. I wish it could be free, but traveling to Israel to video costs me significantly. I promise it will not be expensive.

Other Questions

Some of you asked specific questions but because the survey was anonymous, I’m not able to respond to you without making this post huge. Any more questions? If you have more questions, feel free to ask it in the comments section below.

Your answers to my survey went a long way in helping me shape the content of the project. I’m going to surprise you with the results in April—but I think you’ll be very pleased.

My Questions to You (Just Two)

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  • Gail

    I am somewhat familiar with the ministry where you were employed, listening to it’s podcasts daily, and am deeply sadden that they terminated you and right before Christmas. I know the ministry also employs many of the pastor’s own family members in key leadership positions. I will certainly be praying for you and your family daily and for God’s guidance of where you go from here. Always enjoy your e-mails and teachings on the Holy Lands. God Bless

    • Thank you very much, Gail. Your prayers mean more than anything during this season. God bless.

  • Valita R. Randolph

    I was shocked to see that you were let go. But then, that’s what happens in this world. Praying for you!

    • Thank you for those prayers, Valita. Very much appreciated. God bless.

  • Judy Jarnagin Bechtel

    Hi Wayne, I had the pleasure of traveling with you and Cathy to the Mediterranean a few years ago. I enjoyed you both so much, particularly climbing up the Acropolis hill with Cathy. Having been to the Land of the Bible several times, I really appreciate your insights and devotionals that reference the Land. Of course, by now, you have heard all of the comments that can be said about refocus and change. I’m sure I am repeating one in the reality that we sometimes stay in a comfortable place until God pushes us on to a new endeavor. Thank you for allowing us to pray for you and the opportunity to ask God for clarity in His next adventure for you. You are blessed to have Cathy to share the journey with you.

    • So grateful, Judy, for your prayers and for remembering that magnificent tour to the Med with us. Your words of comfort mean much to us. God bless.

  • Marcia Johnson

    I was saddened when I read about your work changes, but then I remembered something I recently read that may give encouragement. In “Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes” (E. Randolph Richards and Brandon O’Brien) they bring up how our western individualism view can hinder our understanding of Scripture written by and to those with eastern-thinking. People glibly quote Rom 8:28 to hurting people to encourage them all will work out fine. If we look at this passage in the more eastern, collective view as “us” instead of “me,” Paul is then saying that things will work out for the good of God’s people, even though individual believers may endure trials. You may go through tough times as you seek how God wants to use you next, but in the end God will work out what is good for His people.

    I wonder if you will end up reaching more people, as more books and the video project have such a great potential. (I share your passion for the biblical lands and hope to use your future videos in classes I teach.)

    I am praying for God’s clear guidance for you and may He be glorified as you trust in Him.

    • Your words mean much to me, Marcia, on many different levels. Yes, Romans 8:28 is so much larger than here and now. It ultimately points to a context of our becoming “like His beloved Son.” Thanks for your enthusiasm about the project and your encouraging words.

  • Kenard Smith

    So sad to hear about the loss of your position, Wayne. I can relate because it happened to me. I believe that something much better is waiting for you. It could be the new initiative you are working on or something else. Keep all you options open.
    As you wait, please continue to do what you are doing. I believe you are on the right track. Your ability to make the geography of Israel come alive with maps and outstanding photographs adds much to the spiritual insights you present so clearly. (I say this as a university trained geographer who appreciates the care you put into your work and study!)
    Thanks for sharing this with us, your friends who follow your blog. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    • That means so much coming from you, Kenard. Thank you. Your support and prayers are invaluable.