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  • Jessica Hernandez

    Good morning,

    I am a new listener/reader. I googled scriptures to comfort friends regarding a loved one who has passed recently when I found your blog. I truly enjoy the podcasts and listen throughout the work day. You are very blessed and you have blessed me by helping me grow in my love for Jesus. I will gladly pray for your new audio book. I look forward to learning and growing with your guidance.

    • How kind of you, Jessica, to take a moment and send me this note. I’m thrilled that my messages and posts have encouraged you. Thanks so much for praying for the audiobook as well. May the Lord bless you, Jessica, as you continue to follow Him.

  • Breitnica Mascarenhas

    Dear Wayne,

    How are you?

    It’s been many days since I haven’t been receiving any mails from you.
    I had mailed to you but no reply.

    Your posts are really helpful…

    Thank you.

    Awaiting your reply.

    • Sorry about that, Breitnica. I’ll check on that and see what I can do. God bless.

      • Breitnica Mascarenhas

        Yes Wayne Please…Its been almost a month since I received your mail. I even tried subscribing again…
        Thank you…God Bless you too..

        • It should be fixed now. If you have any more trouble, just let me know.

  • Ian Cozens

    I am coming to Israel to commemorate the Anzac Jubilee Victory Liberation of Beersheba in October this year. Is there a directory for local Israel Christian families that have rooms for rent?
    Ian Cozens-Australia

    • For some reason, Ian, I’m just seeing your request. My apologies for the tardy response. If you need further help, please let me know. Thanks.

  • John


    Would you mind helping me understand the timeline of Esther, Ezra, and Nehemiah? We are studying the book of Esther in Sunday School and I know there is some debate. Would you additionally address why there is debate? What is difficult about other scholars not matching up to the timeline you have embraced?

    Also, we recently had a sermon on Habakkuk, could you shed some geographical and historical context to Habakkuk 3:3 (Teman, Mount Paran)? Why would these names be used? What emotions or thoughts should these names have elicited in the original reader?


    PS – I am very thankful for you and this ministry. It is a blessing and a joy to glean from your journey and learning.

    • Good to hear from you, John. The issues debated about those post-exilic books are not really my forte, but I can pass along a good resource to you. I’ve copied Esther’s introduction from the Bible Knowledge Commentary and you can download it here.

      Teman was a major city in Edom, and Paran represented a mountainous region between Edom and Mount Sinai. These locations together may have been used to evoke memories of God’s trek with Moses and the Hebrews and all that their journey involved—especially His first revelation of Himself to Israel and in the law. Hope that helps some. Thanks, John.

      • John

        Thank you.