Don’t Buy My Book—YET!

If you wait until August 18, I'll reward you big-time.

My new book, Waiting on God: What to Do When God Does Nothing, is already shipping to retailers. In fact, you can buy my book now at online retailers. But I’m asking you to do something crazy: WAIT. Here’s why.

Waiting on God books

The official release day is August 18 (just over 2 weeks away), and if you’ll wait until then to buy it, I’ll reward you. My hope is for the book to land on a bestseller list—which helps get the message of the book to a much wider audience.

For weeks I had been told to encourage pre-ordering the book. Here’s the problem:

  • Online retailers released the book ahead of schedule. So . . . all of those pre-orders have shipped, and the list ranking is now spread out rather than focused. Rats.
  • If you pre-ordered the book before this date, save your receipt and I’ll give you the bonuses as well—during launch week, August 18.

Wait . . . and Get 7 Bonuses Worth $160.78

You can help me by waiting to buy the book. (That makes sense with a book about “waiting,” doesn’t it?) If you’re willing to wait, I’ll reward you by giving you 7 bonuses worth $160.78. I’ll announce what those bonuses are on my blog on August 18.

If you already have subscribed to my blog, I’ll remind you to get the book on August 18. So subscribe now (if you haven’t) so that you don’t miss the opportunity to get these bonuses.

Thank you!

Question: Will you wait to buy the book? To leave a comment, just click here.


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  • Peggy

    IT’S SO WORTH WAITING for … 🙂 {sorry Wayne, I couldn’t “WAIT”} … ready to launch with you on a wonderful WAIT. Thank you!

    • Ha! That’s great, Peggy. So grateful for your help! Thanks.

  • La Donna Malles

    I already ordered your new book cause all your other books were such a blessing and learning. I had asked you years ago if you were going to write anymore and at the time you hadn’t planned to. I was so happy when you announced your new one and put my name on the waiting list immediately. I’m looking forward to it.

    • Thank you, La Donna. Truly. I hope Waiting on God is a blessing to you. Thanks for your kind note!

  • Phil Bruce

    Now you tell me…wait. Too late Wayne.

    • Sorry, Phil. But thanks for your support! I hope you enjoy the book.