How to Turn Your Life Around 360 Degrees

A God of impossibilities shows His power in impossible situations.

Life often feels like a lot of effort with nothing gained. It reminds me of what Jason Kidd said after the Dallas Mavericks drafted him: “We’re going to turn this team around 360 degrees!”

How to Turn Your Life Around 360 Degrees

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At times, the Bible seems like a history book in which God makes and fulfills promises to the ancients, but the words somehow lack immediacy to our struggling lives. And yet, it’s funny how the anxieties that overwhelm our lives seem identical to those that biblical people struggled against.

Even though Scripture provides assurance of God’s promises, assurance doesn’t negate the stressful circumstances that force us to trust God.

Truth doesn’t make the hard parts of life go away. We still have to trust God with that truth.

The Struggle of Trusting God

God called Gideon to deliver Israel from their enemies. But like many of us, Gideon hesitated to obey in spite of God’s assurance:

Go in this your strength and deliver Israel from the hand of Midian. Have I not sent you? . . . Surely I will be with you, and you shall defeat Midian as one man. —Judges 6:14, 16

Outnumbered more than four to one, Gideon thought he needed reassurance before he could obey.

  • So he set out a wool fleece and asked God to make it wet with dew while the ground remained dry. God answered that prayer (Judges 6:18).
  • But just to make doubly sure, Gideon then asked for the ground to be wet and the fleece to be dry, and God graciously consented.

The fleece didn’t cause the Midianites to disappear; Gideon still had to trust God for deliverance.

The Harod Valley

(Photo: The Harod Valley, where Gideon learned trust. Courtesy of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands)

How to Turn Your Life Around 360 Degrees

Gideon shows us that when we need assurance from God, a fleece isn’t the best way to get it. For later, when God reduced Gideon’s forces from 32,000 to 300 at En Harod, the fleece test proved absolutely worthless to Gideon’s assurance.

Gideon already knew God’s will through God’s promise to him. The problem was Gideon’s fear to take God at His Word.

How God Develops Faith in Your Life

Have you noticed you always have something to trust God for in your life? There is always an obstacle to trusting Him.

Because the Lord allows circumstances that force us to trust Him, God’s will seldom follows the smooth path. That’s why many people never see the power of God in their lives, because they never trust God long enough for Him to demonstrate His might.

Does this describe someone you know?

  • He or she gives God a timetable, they set the rules, and they lay out the fleece.
  • If God doesn’t wet the fleece, they jump ship and say God failed them.
  • Life then becomes a series of 360-degree attempts to find happiness. But what they really needed, God already attempted to develop within them through opportunities to trust Him.

If you’re looking for how to turn your life around, the “full-circle” method gets you nowhere.

How to Turn Your Life Around for Good

God’s Word remains the only source you can consistently count on—that excludes people, circumstances, and even yourself. This is true even when you’d swear it wasn’t:

  • When everything inside you screams, “this feels right
  • When all the circumstances wet your fleece
  • When the only way you can see to relieve yourself of pain and fear requires going outside God’s Word
  • When your circumstances and feelings would mislead you

God gave the Scriptures to guide you and to remind you of the danger of decisions based on feelings and circumstances alone.

Your situation today may seem as impossible, bleak, and desperate as Gideon’s seemed to him. It probably is. Remember, you will always have something to trust God for.

Cling to truth of Scripture in spite of your whirlwind. Or for all your efforts, you’ll only turn your life around 360 degrees.

Question: What are you trusting God for right now? To leave a comment, just click here.

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  • richard

    Cami and I are trusting God to be with us during our once in a lifetime adventure.

    • That’s really great, Richard. I hope you’re having the time of your life! God bless you and Cami.

  • Walt

    I trust God to give me what I need to go through what ever He allows into my life. He is in control and I trust Him. Phil. 4:19

    • That’s the best place to be, for sure. Sometime it takes many years and tears to get there. Thanks for your comment.

  • Jessica Griswold

    I am learning to trust God…because of my lack of trust that I have experienced in my life. I want to trust God with all my heart so I am trusting him to help me with that. Any advice?

    • Someone once said that the Christian life can be summarized in two words and a song: “Trust and Obey.” It’s true. Learning to trust God is a lifelong assignment, Jessica. You could search for “trust God” in the search bar of my blog (top right) and see some posts that might encourage you.

      • Jessica Griswold

        Thank for your timely response! and your suggestions of encouragement in trusting God! God Bless You!

  • RaymundoFries1

    Well-timed writing ! Incidentally , if anyone requires to merge PDF or PNG files , my husband came upon text here

  • Theresa Jean Hunt

    I am leaning totally on trusting God to show me why I am here, alone again at 66.

    • It isn’t always easy to be alone, Theresa. I’m sorry. I hope you’re involved in a good church where fellowship of your Christian family takes the edge off loneliness.

  • Samuel

    I have to trust God for someone I desire to be my wife. We both mutually agreed and even went as far as to promise on God’s throne itself that we will be married. As it is, we were happily bound to our promise….but the circumstances that fight against our promise is the fact that her father doesn’t want her to have anything to do with anyone. (Trust me, anyone finds this questionable)
    Certain other pieces of evidence indicate that he may even have feelings for his daughter although this is strong speculation and for ONCE in my life….I’d LOVE TO BE WRONG.

    • I’m sorry to read this, Samuel. Perhaps when you’re married you’ll be able to provide the protection and encouragement your fiance needs. God bless.

  • Chad

    I trust God in leading my family and me in the right direction in life. I lost my job in October. Through God I was able to expose corruption in my former job. Now I am trusting God to provide and bless us with new and honest employment. Thanks be to God!!!

    • We’re in the same boat, Chad. I’m also trusting God for new direction on a vocation. I have prayed for you that God will bless you with an open door no one can shut.

  • Hurting Mother

    I trust God to change my daughter’s violent and abusive husband into a man after God’s own heart, loving husband and dad. My daughter is trying very hard to hold on to God’s promises, but it it is very difficult for her when she gets physically and mentally hurt. They have four children, two teens and two smaller ones. Please keep her and her situation in prayer. Thank you.

    • Michelle thick

      I don’t know if you will be ok with me replying. But I lived that life with my husband its awful and very scary. I will definately pray for her everynite. I will pray that God puts an urgency to her situation. Just know that God will bless her for her faithfullness. But i will pray God keeps her safe and puts a hedge of protection around her. I put the biggest holiest angel to protect her.

    • Hope

      I was in the same. God showed me He was going to lift the abuse. Its not just the wife. Its child abuse toward the children. She must not allow that man to continue to feed the domestic violence in the home. Your daughter is accountable for her children. If the husband will not recognize the damage that he is contributing to, then she must step up. She is accountable for her children. Jesus said…do not keep the children from me. If yhe children witness the abuse and it becomes apart of them, how are they going to know a GOD of LOVE? The last day my husbanf resided in our home, he became abusive. My 4 yr old was present. I gently closed the door and dropped to my knees for the first time in years and said “GOD take him out of here” . My husband left that day and has not come back. I will not ask him to either. Im accountable for my children. Financially Im afraid. But I have to Trust the One who truly LOVES me and my family. As we are HIS church.

    • I will pray for her. Please also counsel her to separate if she and her children are in harm’s way. I hope she is also seeing a good counselor. If you need a place to start, you can look here. God bless.

  • Michelle thick

    I trust God to bring my family back together again. To heal a lot of hurts and pain. To bring me a God fearing husband. Just to stay focused on God and his word.

    • It may take a while for that long resolution to occur, Michelle. I know it’s not easy, and I’m so sorry. It took Joseph 22 years to reconcile with his brothers. God’s way is best, though not often the fastest.


    This is a very good topic Wayne,because that what i have experienced in the past,i have heard about this in the past actually,but again i was trusting my unreliable source,and that’s my own feeling,i’m still facing a big problem now,and i will let God takes it over,for He Knows how to deal with my problem,hopefully i will get my second chance soon,Praise the Lord Jesus,thank you for this topic Wayne,God bless you.

    • He will guide you. Just wait for His leading and continue to serve so that He can direct you. God bless.

  • Angela Johnson

    I need god to give me my kids back I have been wrongly accused of using drugs by cps now they are trying to take my kids permanently but I know god is not only to let that happen he says only trust in him like I always have and he will get me out of every situation like he always has😇😇

    • May God be with you, Angela, as you seek Him for justice. Your situation reminds me of the righteous woman who pleaded continually with the judge—a model of how we are to plead with God.