Learning to Trust God in a New Way

Why does it seem like our trust in God is always starting over?

Have you noticed? We have no problem choosing to trust God with the things for which we already trust Him. But then another situation shows up. And suddenly, it’s like starting over.

Learning to Trust God in a New Way

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In those times, we’re a lot like Asa, one of the few godly kings of Judah. He once trusted the Lord in a battle in the Shephelah of Judah and defeated an Ethiopian who came against him with an army a million strong (2 Chronicles 14).

But Asa’s greatest test came in an area that hit closer to home—literally. That’s where God tests us as well, isn’t it?

Sometimes it seems like we’re always starting over in our trust of God. Here’s why.

Learning to Trust God in a New Way

When the northern king Baasha fortified Ramah—which sat only five miles north of Jerusalem—he effectively blockaded all movement into Asa’s land.

So here was the test: would Asa trust God for deliverance from this enemy as he had trusted before?

Sadly, no.

Asa panicked and decided to take the silver and gold from the treasuries of the Temple (that he had dedicated to God!) and solicit help from the pagan king of Aram (2 Chronicles 16). Now, why would Asa, who earlier at Maresha had the faith to gain victory over a million men, suddenly panic and look to his own devices for help?

  • Because God took from Asa something he trusted in more than God—a parcel of land.
  • Asa could not fathom what he would do without the strategic Central Benjamin Plateau surrounding Ramah. So he scrambled to get it back at all costs.
Looking at 3 Lessons in Learning to Trust God

(Photo courtesy of Unsplash)

Looking at 3 Lessons in Learning to Trust God

Three lasting lessons rise from the ashes of Asa’s experiences:

  1. The trust we learned from one situation we should carry with us into all situations.
  2. God may remove what we depend on the most so that we will learn to trust in Him alone.
  3. God wants our trust, among other reasons, so that He may do marvelous things in our lives.

As Hanani the seer said to Asa:

The eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His. —2 Chronicles 16:9

May His searching eyes find us fully committed today!

Question: Where are you struggling to trust God right now? To leave a comment, just click here.

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  • Raquel Rodriguez

    This is a very timely word for me. I have been unemployed since April. Thank You for the encouragement.

  • Kirsi

    I am struggling to trust God the way I have trusted before, for He has brought me deeper into Him, and I see myself and my shortcomings so clear and big. I see that I am empty, and possess nothing without Him, yet my emptiness scares (the flesh out of) me. I know this is a good thing, but my faith is gone out the doors and windows, and I seem to be at my wits end trying to be still and wait and trust that He is doing a wonderful work in me, a work of fire. My guts are screaming, am even thinking for the first time in my life of being saved (18 years): Do I like You My God? And yet, in the midst of this He shows me His open-wounded heart that He hang on the cross for me, and the covenant of love that He has made with me, and how He has renewed that covenant in my most desperate times before. Yet, as weird as it is, I am finding it hard to trust Him in this new way. Why? I ask myself, and I feel a flutter of His Spirit to under gird me to feel His beautiful presence. It is not by might, nor by power, but by His spirit. I wait, till He comes again.

    • Kirsi, your struggle isn’t unique to you—although it feels very solitary. God will lead you to unwanted places to give you what you’ll get nowhere else.

      • joni

        Definitely feel like a stranger on my own journey

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  • Olivia D.

    I’m retired and I’m struggling to trust God with finances – will there be enough money? How do we spend it? Should we hold on to it? Ultimately I believe whatever issue we’re holding onto, it’s about control. In some areas I have not put Him on the throne of my life, I’m still trying to be in charge. I thought I’d won this battle but now I find myself back at the same place. My inclination is to just give it all away and see what happens, because I want badly to let go and fully trust Him for my life.

    • It’s never easy, Olivia, to trust God completely. Finances are such a HUGE way we have to trust God. Rather than give it all up at once, I’ve found it helpful to surrender each one as God reveals it. Control is an illusion, as only God remains in total control. Our challenge is trust Him.

  • Sarah Mackey

    I want to know that the Lord is with me all of the time and I will not be lonely. I live alone and sometimes I forget He is my only friend and He I need.

  • joni

    The new open door not what I expected and I am little sad and disappointed to be real about it. A got a job just not what I wanted in a foreign environment. One hand am grateful but feel a loss because I waited so long.

    • Your challenge is to be faithful where God has put you, Joni. Make that your goal— as well as getting to know the Lord Jesus Christ through His Word, prayer, and serving in a good local church. The kingdom of God is our long-term plan. Today we’re serving Him here for a very short while.

  • Al

    To answer this question, where are you struggling to trust God right now? gives me pause because I trust God and I don’t have a struggle trusting the Heavenly Father. I’m struggling with my spiritual self.

    I know that with God, all things are possible and everything that is directed by God has a divine purpose.

    If I could employ PATIENCE and wait on God, my life would be more fulfilling, yet I continually struggle because I have NO patience.

    At a young age, the Lord blessed my husband and I with amazing opportunities to become new homeowners. The first offer, I tuned it down without any reservations, but the next offer, the seller wasn’t moving fast enough for me and when he finally called, I dismissed the offer (lack of patience) and located a home on my own. So now, we were NEW homeowners. Six months into our new mortgage, our home was flooded by a tropical storm and during the housing crisis, we found out that the home we purchased for 14 years, was a bad investment and ended up relinquishing the home back to the lender.

    Due to my carelessness and blatant impatience, I thought I won the battle of homeownership by resting on my own terms, but I actually lost.

    My question would be: Will God extend another opportunity of homeownership, after I dismissed the blessing that was set before me.

    That would be my main struggle right now. Will God give us another chance?

    I do not wish to be like the drowning man that waited for God to save him (when God clearly sent blessings his way).

    • Your question is a good one, Al. Sometimes the Lord will give us another chance to trust Him in the same area, but there’s nothing biblically that suggests He has to. Your impatience is God’s concern, more than the blessings. He has already blessed you abundantly in Jesus Christ (Ephesians 1). He truly could give you nothing better. If I were you, I would confess the lessons I think I’ve learned to God, and then move forward again to buy a home—assuming that represents financial wisdom and not presumption. At the same time, hold the situation with an open hand and be willing for God to say no, wait, or later. In the mean time, you might find some encouragement in Waiting on God, a book I wrote about the subject. God bless.

      • Al

        Thank You, I will look for encouragement in Waiting on God.


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