Top 5 Gifts for Bible Lands Study

Most of us give Christmas gifts that are quickly forgotten. After the iPhone gets cracked, or the DVD gets watched, or the sweater gets snagged, they all end up at the landfill. This year, why not give a gift (or ask for one) that will last a lifetime?

Top 5 Gifts for Bible Lands and Bible Study

(Photo: by Carsten Tolkmit. Flickr. CC-BY-SA-2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Bible Lands study tools make great gifts because they take your personal Bible study to the next level. What’s more, they don’t wear out.

Here are my top 5 recommendations this year for gifts you’ll enjoy giving (and receiving).

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Devotional Books to Follow an Israel Trip

If you have enjoyed the past few days’ posts of my trip to Israel, you might enjoy my two devotional books that relate to the land of Israel. 

Below is a taste of each one, plus links to previews. Just click on the book to order. 
Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus:
A Journey through the Lands and Lessons of Christ

Now available in a Kindle Edition and even in Korean!

Imagine following Jesus along the road, listening in on His conversations, and gleaning the lessons He taught in the holy places He traveled. This book takes such a journey.

Written in an easy, devotional style, Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus mingles an engaging and enjoyable travelogue with the practical lessons gleaned from walking the Holy Land.

“I thought Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus would be an interesting read, but I found it to be absolutely captivating! Wayne is a great storyteller, but he is also a very careful Bible scholar. That is a very lethal combination—lethal in the sense that it will destroy any inclination that you have to drift off into boredom. . . . This travelogue is a first-class seat in an air-conditioned Mercedes bus, just like the ones that you’ll find in Israel. I know you’re going to enjoy the ride.”
—Steve Farrar, bestselling author and founder of Men’s Leadership Ministries

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Going Places With God:

A Devotional Journey Through the Lands of the Bible

This book finds its roots in places God chose—literally. The lands of the Bible offer more than a backdrop for the stories of the Bible. These places played an integral role in shaping the lives of those who lived there. God designed it so. And for us, understanding how the land shaped its inhabitants gives us tremendous insight into understanding Scripture. Even more, it provides us with a glimpse as to why God has placed us where we live today.

Ninety devotional readings, each based on a specific place in the lands of the Bible, invite you to embark on your own spiritual journey.

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Available in a Kindle Edition.

The book has even been translated into Korean.


Sample Book Chapters with Kindle for the Web

Technology is pretty cool. Amazon has come up with Kindle for the Web that allows you to read sample chapters of Kindle books.

Below is a sample from my book, Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus. Notice that you can “Share” the chapter on FaceBook or Twitter.

If you don’t have a Kindle but still want to read mobile, you can read the Kindle edition on iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, PC and Mac.

The Church Awakening and the 12 Lies DVD

I spent most of last year with the privilege of editing a fine book by Chuck Swindoll, released just last month, The Church Awakening: An Urgent Call for Renewal. The book contains all that we’ve come to love and appreciate about Chuck’s writing—humor, biblical accuracy, practical insights, grace, and balance.

The Church Awakening

In a nutshell, the book looks at how the 21st-century church has drifted away from biblical beliefs and essential truths has produced many local congregations and leadership devoted to entertaining the flock rather than to feeding them.

By examining how God’s Word defines the church’s priorities, Chuck takes us beyond a mere analysis of today’s church to the needed encouragement of how leaders and congregations can play a part in returning to God’s design.

Full of great illustrations, humorous stories, and practical Bible teaching, The Church Awakening is a must-read for pastors and church leaders—as well as any serious-thinking Christian. The chapter on worship alone is worth the price of the book. I am confident you’ll enjoy it!

You can pick up a copy from Amazon or from Insight for Living.

Check out the video below.

I also had the privilege to participate in a brand new documentary project called “The 12 Biggest Lies.” The documentary is extremely well produced and features interviews from “leading minds such as Ravi Zacharias, Alex Jones, Kerby Anderson, and many more!” (I’m part of the “many more” group.) You can see all the contributors here.
What’s it about? The documentary sheds light on 12 common misconceptions:
1. There is no such thing as truth.
2. People are inherently good.
3. No one should be offended.
4. Men and women are equal.
5. A fetus isn’t human.
6. The world is overpopulated.
7. Americans are greedy and self-centered.
8. Islam is a religion of peace.
9. The Jews stole Jerusalem.
10. The earth is billions of years old.
11. There is no God.
12. Jesus was just a good man.
By the way, I don’t make a dime off this project or from my endorsement of it. It was just a privilege to contribute.
You can watch the trailer below and order the DVD from Amazon or from the Cloud Ten Web site.

My Interview with Chuck Swindoll on Insight for Living

I had the privilege of joining Chuck Swindoll in the studio of Insight for Living to discuss my book, Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus.

Insight for Living

These interviews appear in various broadcasts on Insight for Living, but here you’ll find them all together in one segment.

Prayer in Evangelism – My Interview on Campus Crusade

Listen as I discuss the subject of prayer in evangelism on Campus Crusade for Christ’s radio program, Lighthouse Report.

Lighthouse Report

Listen here:

From Lighthouse Report:

A good salesperson knows that you never presuppose a customer’s response. Now relate that to witnessing. Do you presuppose someone’s response to the Gospel? Never, ever, doubt what God can do in an unbeliever’s life. Wayne Stiles addresses this on today’s Lighthouse Report.

Want to find the station where Lighthouse Report broadcasts in your area? Go here.

Wayne’s Interview on the "Power Hour" with Pat Williams

Want to hear about traveling to Bethlehem and the shepherds’ field, modern Jerusalem and the place of Jesus’ death and resurrection, the beauty of the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, and Ceasarea? Listen in as Pat Williams from WTLN interviews Wayne Stiles on the “Power Hour” about Wayne’s book, Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus.


My Interview on He’s Alive Christian Satellite Network

Listen in as Melissa Flores of He’s Alive Radio talks with me about traveling in the Holy Land, understanding the Feast of Tabernacles, and how the Hebrew word for “tent” makes us laugh.

We also discuss my book, Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus.

Listen via iTunes.