How to Follow God When His Plan Seems Strange

We want God's plan so we can trust the plan. God hides the plan so we will trust Him.

God’s leading is often strange. That’s because He doesn’t share the plan. He keeps it a secret. We want God’s plan so we can trust the plan. God hides the plan so we will trust Him.

How to Follow When God's Plan is Strange

(Photo by Tom Butler, courtesy of

Genesis began with God blessing all He created. But the fall of man, Abel’s murder, the rebellion at Babel, and the global flood gave cause to doubt that there would be any recovery of that blessing. Genesis 3–11 sketches more than 4,000 years of suffering that people experienced under the curse of sin.

But God’s plan chose one man through whom He would resurrect His blessing for all mankind.

Your life may seem in chaos as well. But God has a good plan He is hiding.

A One-Man Plan

God’s plan included telling one man, Abram, to leave his family, friends and everything else familiar.

[Go] to the land which I will show you. . . . And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed. —Gen. 12:1, 3

God’s plan and promise ultimately found its fulfillment in Abram’s descendant, the one man Jesus Christ (Matt. 1:1).

In choosing Abram, God demonstrated grace. And in choosing to follow, Abram demonstrated faith.

  • Abram left Ur, a city with tremendous advantages.
  • The move represented an incredible act of faith for Abram—especially for someone with no material needs.
  • He forsook everything familiar to him to follow God into the unknown.
  • And after he arrived in Canaan, he dwelt in a tent and struggled through famines in a barren land.

It staggers the mind that the hope of the world would come from God’s plan and promise to an elderly idol worshiper who, along with his wife, was well past childbearing years.

How to Follow When God’s Plan is Strange

It took faith for Abram to follow God—not just at the beginning, but every day.

It’s the same for us.

broken-bridge By Tom Butler

(Photo by Tom Butler, courtesy of

In His grace, God chose Abram, who then responded in faith—and followed the Lord.

God’s plan and leading is often strange, but it is always right. Our response?

To follow in faith.

Tell me what you think: How has God led you? To leave a comment, just click here.

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  • Deborah

    Since my husbands arrest and police rescuing me from the abuse and pornography. The Lord has blessed me. with a Christian solicitor Christian councillor and opened doors for me to have some where to stay. one door shuts and another opens its an amazing journey of trust. Thank you Lord

    • That’s tremendous news, Deborah. Praise God for His gracious provision in your life!

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  • Stephen White

    I been through all types of trials and tribulations lately at 69. Going through a 44 year marriage and divorce. Plus a myriad of other problems.

    I don’t know what God has planned for me but I’m sure ready to find out. I know I have to be patient and trust in the Lord!

    Thank you Wayne , a very good lesson I needed right now.

    • You’re welcome, Stephen. The Lord isn’t done with you— of that I’m certain. Waiting on Him is best done while seeking to serve Him in some way, which I know you are. God bless.

  • Breitnica Mascarenhas

    Oh Wow Wayne!!!! Thank you for this post at the perfect time in my life.

    Some years back I was a disappointed person, always complaining about circumstances in my life but I always knew that God was there, my faith in him kept me strong through all those circumstances.

    Then all of a sudden good things came & left suddenly without proper reasons. Then instead of blaming God I made my faith firm, instead of thinking that people are wrong I chose to understand, be patient & most of all I learnt to endure., instead of giving up I held on & on & on (till today) through these uncertain & unexpected circumstances…in the middle of this struggle your posts helped me a lot. I was never afraid cause God never left me alone…He is always there. Your posts nourished me and brought out the good in me, made my perspective towards God & my fellow brothers/sisters better. I learnt so many things that never let my spirit down. The Holy Spirit is always there working. Each post of yours has helped me and at the right time would I get to read those. Even today the same thing.

    My struggles didn’t go in vain. A part of my prayer has been answered today!! My faith got stronger.
    “It took faith for me to follow God—not just at the beginning, but every day.”
    Yeah it really does & it really works. It works not according to your plan but God’s. It works not when you want but at God’s perfect timing. But definitely it works!!!!!

    We want God’s plan so we can trust the plan. God hides the plan so we will trust Him.
    God’s plan and leading is often strange, but it is always right when we follow it with FAITH….!!!!
    God has worked and led me in many unusual ways to which I always responded with faith.

    Thank you Wayne. God bless you.

    • You are welcome, Breitnica. I am thrilled the Lord used the posts to encourage, guide, and strengthen you. His Word is just what we need, and it is wonderful when it meets the needs of the moment. God bless.

  • Lon

    Dear Wayne, this the first time I have responded to one of your posts though I am a regular reader of your devotionals and I have several of your books which are invaluable resources. In reference to this post it struck a chord in that this year has been extremely difficult in the context of work in which I left a long standing position and now work as hoc. In saying I have recently started a new job somewhat related to my field but at the same time different in which I am out of my comfort zone and very much a beginner . In reference I felt a deep calling and compulsion to apply for the job though it would be both a position of lower role and a significant decrease income. So the concept that God,s plan may not be a promotion and the way up is down really resonated in my heart for I so believe this where God has called me to be . Thank you Wayne for your wonderful teaching and resources, they are a tremendous source of strength and faith in my daily life. God bless Lonnie

    • Thanks for sharing your story, Lonnie. I admire your determination to follow God, even when (in the world’s eyes) it may not make sense. His leading does often seem strange on the front end, but as we look back it always makes the most sense. I had to smile as I read your words, for my experience this past year is remarkably similar to your own. I am no longer at a “stable” position but I’ve started my own business/ministry with Walking the Bible Lands. It is a venture of faith, for sure. God bless you as you seek Him.

  • Michelle thick

    Keeping me lonely and it’s bringing me closer to him. He opens doors in my life now. And if I try to do something and he doesn’t approve the door doesn’t open. This frustrated me at first. Now I welcome it because I know his way is better.

    • Your response to God’s leading shows a growing maturity and humility, Michelle. May the Lord bless you as you follow Him.

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