Video 2: Continue Your Virtual Tour through the Places of Jesus’ Birth

See where the first Christmas happened in the Holy Land

Today Episode 2 releases in my new video series giving a virtual tour through the places of Jesus’ birth. You can click here to watch it now (as well as Episode 1).


The response has been tremendous, and I’m so grateful to you who have given a comment on Facebook, Twitter, or another social media outlet. Here’s one about Episode 1 that really meant a lot to me:

sue says

What Sue said is precisely why I’m doing this series. I want those who can’t go to Israel—and those who want to relive their experience there—to have a way to enjoy the places where the Bible happened.

The first Christmas was a fulfillment of God’s promise in the Old Testament. In fact, it’s “the promise that changed the world.”

It can also change your life.

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  • Lillian Lightsey Moneyhun

    Oh Wayne! When I went to Israel I didn’t get to the Temple Mount (after waiting in line for what seemed like hours) nor Bethlehem. Thank you for sharing this amazing video and your always Biblical perspective of the place you are standing and how many things happened right there in that area. Your studies and teachings are marvelous. Thank you for sharing!!!

    • You’re welcome, Lillian. Yes, you have to get to the Temple Mount EARLY to beat the crowds. 🙂 Same with Bethlehem. I’m so glad the video gave you a virtual tour! God bless you.