When God Finally Gives You Want You’ve Begged For

Remember that some of the Lord's most gracious answers are nos.

Got any unanswered prayers? That may be a good thing. Sometimes the only thing worse than God refusing to give us what we want occurs when He gives us want we want. 

When God Gives You Want You've Begged For

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Many years ago, our young daughter had only one thing on her mind.

She knew we planned an Easter egg hunt, and she asked if she could eat lots of candy on Easter. We told her no, but she kept after us, day after day. Easter came and she continued to plead. So we decided to let her learn by experience what she refused to learn by instruction. We let her eat as many little chocolate eggs as she wanted.

That night was pitiful.

“Oooooh, mommy, my tummy hurts!” She had learned by experience what she refused to learn by instruction. My toddler’s lesson gets repeated in the life of most of us adults.

But it doesn’t have to.

Two Teachers—Experience and Instruction

Have you ever considered that one of the harshest disciplines occurs when God gives us all what we want—even when what we want is wrong? After years of warning, He relaxes His hand and allows us to experience what happens when we refuse to learn by instruction.

Immediate gratification does a good job hiding the reality of long-term results.

Do You Really Want What You’re Begging For?

(Photo by Photodune)

Do You Really Want What You’re Begging For?

What are you asking God for right now? It’s possible He is about ready to give you exactly what you keep begging for. But keep in mind:

  • God gave Israel the king they wanted—King Saul—and it didn’t go well (1 Sam. 8:7).
  • God allowed those who refused to respond to God to have their desired immorality and, ultimately, judgment (Rom. 1:28-32).

Sometimes when God says, “Yes,” it’s a judgment. On the other hand, bear in mind that some of God’s most gracious answers were, “No.”

  • James and John asked for the most prestigious seats in Christ’s kingdom, but they asked in ignorance (Mark 10:38).
  • Mary and Martha asked for healing for their brother, but instead Jesus allowed him to die—that the Lord might do a greater work than mere healing (John 11:14-15).

God often keeps quiet about what He allows—and refuses. Only eternity will reveal how often God’s best answer to us was to say nothing.

Question: When has God been gracious to you by saying, “No”? To leave a comment, just click here.

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  • don mcminn

    Wayne, you are incredible prolific. Your output of significant thoughts is wonderful, this post, being another example. I’m so glad that God chose not to give me some of what i wanted and ask for.

  • Anne M.

    Thank you, Wayne. I can look back at times when God let me learn from unfortunate experiences and use those times to help me remember that my wishes are not always in sync with His ways! Hopefully, I will use your wise insight to learn from my trials.

    • That’s brave of you, Anne, and so very challenging, I know. There’s nothing like experience to remind us that following God means we let Him lead. God bless you as you continue to walk alongside Him.

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  • Breitnica Mascarenhas

    Till today everything that the Lord has done for me is for my own good…Praise Him!!!

  • Michelle thick

    I have been asking for another job. But he is keeping me at the one I have. And everytime I think about looking I get confirmation in my heart not too. Finances also. Im waiting.

    • I understand, Michelle. That’s a hard place to be. I was there for a few years too, and He finally moved in a way I never would have expected (or wanted). But it was for the best. God bless you as you wait on Him.

  • Stacey Pitman

    Actually the biggest lesson I learned was from when God gave me what I wanted and it turned out not so great. I prayed, begged and pleaded with God to move us back to place I was really happy. After a few years we did go back. Although I love the place, the second time we were there was spiritually dead and full of conflict in several areas of my life. I ended up being relieved when we were given orders to leave early.

    • Isn’t is amazing, Stacey, how the Lord knows what is best for us— and yet He so often gives us what we request in order to teach us His way is best. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

  • Theresa CrowleySanchez

    I have prayed for help, and GOD has answered many times.
    Today I pray, not for the material things in this world, not for money, but for mercy, and more grace for all humanity.
    I beg God for more of Him, and less of me, for a closer walk with him.
    I ask for healing in my and my spouses health, and marriage..
    I pray for the salvation of my adult children and their children..
    I.KNOW it’s in HIS timing not mine.

    • What a marvelous perspective, Theresa. May the Lord bless you as you seek Him in this wonderful way. You inspire me!


    I don’t know when God has been gracious to me by saying “no” Wayne,God is the only one Knows everything in my life and i don’t have any idea about what’s going on or what kind of tribulation i’m
    experiencing right now and what is the purpose of that tribulation for me.but as a Christians we are supposed to take care of ourself aren’t we?,my question is,why God hasn’t given me what i have been asking for many years?,what i’m asking is something really important so i can stand on my own without the need to be a burden for other people even for my own family,i really don’t know whether God is actually testing me to know my seriousness about what i have been asking for or He actually say “no”,or maybe God let me waiting for His answer for what i have been asking for?,i really don’t know Wayne,Because God doesn’t say anything to me,this is not my complaint to God,i’m just trying to explain to you Wayne,sorry for a very long story and this is a very good topic Wayne.

    • Sometimes it takes a long time to see the blessings of God saying no to us. Eventually, we thank Him for His wisdom.

      • elizajose

        Amen. Yes we will thank Him surely

  • joni

    Before I got my job I have now, not yet, saved me from chaos of a new software system at the job. I still don’t get why I am working there. I hate it.

  • elizajose

    Pastor Wayne, thank you very much for this was just the right word for me at this point of time in my life. Yes, God says ‘No’ sometimes to our prayers. Since Feb. this year I have been pursuing work opportunities in Canada hoping to eventually settle there. 7 months now and no job offers, no breakthroughs. I don’t understand why because at the time it seemed so much like God Himself had opened a new door of opportunity for me from out of nowhere.However, I did receive instruction from a strong Christian woman with a prophetic ministry, who after a day of prayer, informed me that God revealed to her that it was not His Will for me to move to Canada I understand now that even if God were to finally give me what I’ve been praying hard for so long, it would not bring me much joy. I’ve changed my prayers since Mon.night to “Lord Have Your Way”! its still hard for me to put the thoughts of Canada out of my mind completely but by His Grace I can one day get over it. May He bring peace to my confused mind

    • It seems strange to me, Eliza, that God “revealed” to this other woman what He didn’t reveal to you. I urge you to seek God in His Word, the Bible, rather than to simply believe the words of another. Proverbs encourages “many counselors,” not just one. Be sure that you’re receiving guidance from Scripture and not simply from others and from emotions. Thanks.

      • elizajose

        Thank you Pastor Wayne. Its true. I have searched the Word but not really received a clear word in this matter. I still feel compelled to apply to jobs online on Canadian job boards. I am also keen to move out of my current job where I am stuck at a dead end and in a kind of a rut doing the same kind of work since years…age is a big barrier in my case. I retire from my firm in Sept 2020 but it can happen even earlier if there s a downturn in the company’s business. I am just at a time in my life like I dont know whats ahead. I wish God would give me some new blessings. I had a prophetic word last Saturday that God is going to birth a new ministry through me, where I d praying for many people. I am an intercessor at heart and that was one Word that really gave me a renewed hope for the future. Thanks again pastor I will certainly seek God in Scripture more deeply about this bit concerning Canada

  • Mercy

    I wanted to change job so I applied for another job where I knew there was vacancy. In fact I knew the ceo of the company. I prayed that God should help me get it. But I didn’t get the job. In less than a year the company had to fold up for lack of funds . I then understood why God says No.

    • It’s great that you got to see God’s grace in your life, Mercy. So often, we have to take it on faith that His way is best. God bless, and thanks for sharing.